We all have different choice about the animals, except for the pet animals there are other animals that we can’t keep in our homes but we have an attraction toward these animals maybe due to our childhood memories of cartoon movies we watch them or it happens to us that we feel some kind of connection due to their certain traits etc. for example if you watched lion king in your childhood it must have made you a fan of Simba and eventually when you grow up you will like lions. So here are some facts that you must know in order to have an idea how it has some psychological effect on your personality. Maybe all of it is not true • People may... Read more →

It’s a matter of common observation when we go out in a park in order to have some fresh air, we notice most of the people carry their pooch along them. Sometimes it seems as if pooch and his owner are so alike that we are compelled to call the pooch as the mini version of his master. It’s an amazing fact that people prefer dogs according to their own looks, for example, a person who has chubby cheeks will prefer chubby little puppies etc. In order to prove this Michael Roy from California university conducted a survey in which he separately took photos of dogs and their owners and asked different people to match the picture of pooches with their owners and almost all... Read more →

All of us dream, but what is meant by this term? Let’s have look on it, dreams consist of sequence of images, certain ideas and emotion that pop up in our minds involuntarily while we are asleep. Or we can say dreams are the stories created by our mind on its own while we sleep. Read more →