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Dreams: Are They Colorful or Black And White?



All of us dream, but what is meant by this term? Let’s have look on it, dreams consist of sequence of images, certain ideas and emotion that pop up in our minds involuntarily while we are asleep. Or we can say dreams are the stories created by our mind on its own while we sleep.




Sigmund Freud a famous psychoanalyst is of the view that dreams are essential in an individual’s life because dreams serve as an window to a person’s latent mind because they reveal’s a person’s thought’s, motivations and unconscious desires.

Some people say that they dreamed that they were being chased by someone or someone was about to push them down the hill , such dreams may occur when we are facing stress in life, but here is an interesting point that should be kept in mind that dreams have unique interpretation that depends upon the dreamer.

This point highlights the darker side of almost every individual’s life it happens to us that in our daily monotonous routines, we hardly find time to cherish the beauty of nature around us we rarely notice the vibrant colors that nature spread around us. To us only the people .events and emotions matter. Similarly while we dream we rarely focus on the colors of the dream instead of it we remember the content of it only. This makes our dreams similar to black and white movie, we remember only those colors which are somehow significant to dream.

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