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It’s a matter of common observation when we go out in a park in order to have some fresh air, we notice most of the people carry their pooch along them. Sometimes it seems as if pooch and his owner are so alike that we are compelled to call the pooch as the mini version of his master.


It’s an amazing fact that people prefer dogs according to their own looks, for example, a person who has chubby cheeks will prefer chubby little puppies etc. In order to prove this Michael Roy from California university conducted a survey in which he separately took photos of dogs and their owners and asked different people to match the picture of pooches with their owners and almost all the participants did the Job without any further hints. This test was replicated and results were same. Tests were also conducted by Borbala Tucson from university of Eotvos. he said like the personalities of humans life partner match it means they choose a partner whose personality resemble to them in order to have a comfortable life with someone compatible similarly dogs personality may also resemble to their owners and a Big Five test was conducted which showed that the traits like being introvert is an owners trait then he noticed the dog felt shy with strangers too. From all these tests it was concluded that it is a scientific fact that the bond between humans and their pooches is stronger then human’s two leg partner.

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